Artificial-Turf installation Meford, MA

Artificial Turf Installation

Introducing Synthetic Turf

Our experienced synthetic turf installation and maintenance professionals will create a beautiful and safe environment for you, and manage all of your synthetic turf, lawn care and commercial surface needs.

Our uniformed crews are courteous and considerate, have well-maintained, up-to-date equipment and clean, lettered vehicles. We know your time and your property are valuable, so we work quickly and efficiently, finishing one job at a time, and during your installation we completely clean up our work area at the end of each day. We put our experience to work for you, maximizing your home's curb appeal or your commercial property's value, providing a safe and beautiful activity area, and minimizing your maintenance costs, time and effort. All while giving you the space that meets your needs. We arrange and follow a consistent schedule with you, and provide services others don't.


Installing XGrass® requires that we first sculpt the land to your design, smooth it with a layer of crushed stone, and then install and in-fill the synthetic grass turf. Your new turf surface will be professionally seamed and trimmed by our trained installation crew to ensure a perfect fit.

Synthetic Turf Fields

We provide synthetic turf maintenance and supplies, including advanced in-fill and athletic field renovation and repair to extend the life expectancy of your field, and protect your players and your investment. Our experienced technicians use SMG equipment to improve and maintain the long-term playability of your synthetic surface.

Synthetic Residential Turf

We provide professional cleaning, maintenance and upkeep so your surface stays clean for you, your children and pets. Our technicians use SMG equipment to maintain and improve the long-term durability of your surface and protect your investment for years of enjoyment.

Reconditioning Turf

We'll enhance the performance and extend the life of your surface by field cleaning, in-fill de-compaction, and redistribution of the existing in-fill material. We correct low in-fill levels with SMG SandMatic in-fill machines, adding a uniform layer of in-fill up to the required depth. We also provide repair services for all types of synthetic turf and pad systems.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance & Repair

We are capable of quickly handling all of your turf repair needs. We provide service within 24 hours to make sure that your surface is always ready for use.

Cleaning Synthetic Turf

We also clean nylon (non-filled) synthetic surfaces, featuring Bac-Shield™ antimicrobial spray formulated specifically for synthetic turf fields. Our lawn care consultants welcome your feedback, so we're always improving our service. Contact us today 781-396-3990

Synthetic Turf Warranty Info

Click here to download XGrass Warranty information.