Landscaping irrigation Meford, MA

Irrigation & Aquatic Ponds

Protect the investment you’ve made in your lawn and landscaping by installing an automatic irrigation system. Automatic systems conserve water by watering the targeted areas at the correct time of day. You’ll save time and money, and help preserve the environment. We provide installation, repairs, and system turn-on/turn-off. For the best combination of conservation and water bill reduction, we can install a rain sensor to turn off your irrigation system after a period of rain, or choose a 90% efficient drip irrigation system to water your roots directly. In all our installations, we use only the highest quality Toro, Hunter and Rain Bird products. Ask for a free consultation and we’ll discuss the best options for your landscape.

Do you find yourself drawn to the serenity and calming influence of water? There are few landscape features more beautiful, elemental and relaxing than an aquatic pond. Share your ideas with our landscape design professionals, and we’ll create a space that becomes the centerpiece of your outdoor space. We’ll consider the natural geography of your lawn, balance with your existing landscape, and consider all the elements. Fountains, koi ponds and more can accent and anchor your environment, giving your home subtle charm or enviable grandeur. Allow us to help you create the aquatic feature to complete your landscape.

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